Technical Support

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0845 838 3399

Isomass offers comprehensive technical support to designers and builders working with our acoustic systems, including:
•  Data sheets and installation instructions
•  CAD details
•  Copies of test certificates
•  Design and installation guidance
•  Testing

Isomass produces design and sitework guidance on how to incorporate services, fixtures and fittings and how to provide additional sound absorption within the floor construction. We can also advise on different floor designs within any given application.

For all our support material or enquiries, visit our website or call: 0845 838 33 99

Ongoing product development

Isomass are continually modifying and improving products so some details may change without prior notice.

Details of new acoustic products and solutions will appear on this website as they are launched.

We are always exploring ways to innovate and improve on our system range. If you have an application that may call for a different solution, please contact us via our help desk at:




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