Isocheck Screedcheck XL8: impact improvement system

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Isocheck Screedcheck XL8 Data Sheet
download product data sheet
XL8 over Beam & Block deck
Isocheck Screedcheck XL8 Installation
download installation instructions
XL8 over Beam & Block deck
Isocheck Screedcheck XL8 Data Sheet
download product data sheet
XL8 over In-Situ concrete deck
Isocheck Screedcheck XL8 Installation
download installation instructions
XL8 over In-Situ concrete deck

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The isocheck screedcheck XL8 system is designed to be placed within a masonry structural floor directly below the screed. This isolates the screed from the structural sub floor, and provides sufficient impact absorbsion to place it amongst the top performing systems available.

The isocheck screedcheck XL8 system from Isomass features a 8mm closed cell cross linked foam layer.

By ensuring that all the joints are taped, bridging will be eliminated which is the single greatest cause of failure of any system of this type.

When installed correctly, the screedcheck XL8 system will enable compliance with Approved Document E 2003 and subsequent amendments in 2004, 2010 and 2013.


Closed cells prevents water absorbsion which can impair acoustic performance.

Rolls are light and easy to handle.

All installations over 500m2 come with a free site pre screed inspection.

Performance (on the construction illustrated)

Treated floor with:
DnT,w+ Ctr
Screedcheck XL8

Product data

Roll dimensions:
1.85m wide x 60m
Thickness: 8mm
Foam composition: Closed Cell Cross Linked Isopoli


The acoustic floor shall be:

Isocheck Screedcheck XL8 system, supplied by Isomass Ltd. Units 10 & 11, Avenue Business Park, Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, CB23 4EY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.


The floor surface should be swept free of any loose debris that may damage or bridge the system.

Screedcheck XL8 can be rolled up the wall or lapped and taped to a perimeter flanking strip. Either option should allow a minimum 50mm to protrude above the intended FFL of the screed (see right).

Adjoining roll edges should be butt-jointed jointed and sealed with a minimum 100mm wide jointing tape.

Services that penetrate the screed should be isolated by wrapping with Screedcheck which again would be taped.

When trafficing the floor take care not to perform any unecessary actions that may cause any of the taped joints to be forced apart.

Full installation instructions for screedcheck XL8 are available upon request. These must be used in conjunction with this booklet when laying the screedcheck XL8 system.


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Isocheck Screedcheck XL8
  • 80kg/m2 sand/cement screed or 65mm proprietary screed.
  • Optional plastic sheeting - to aid screed pouring and maintain joints in screedcheck XL8.
  • Isocheck screedcheck XL8 on grouted sub floor.
  • ≥300kg/m2 minimum structural beam and block floor with optional levelling screed or minimum structural sub floor.
  • 75mm min. void formed by metal frame suspended ceiling system and ≥10kg/m2 gypsum board ceiling.





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