Isocheck Impact Mat 100, 200 & 300 : impact improvement systems for timber floors

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download Impact Mat 100 & 300
product data sheet
download Impact Mat 200
product data sheet
installation instructions

NHBC Tested

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•  Timber floors and staircases for new build,
   refurbishments, conversions
   and listed buildings

Isocheck Impact Mat systems are designed to reduce impact sound transmission through timber floors and staircases.

Isocheck Impact Mat 100 is a 5mm thick layer of Isolate M which will provide impact improvement. Isocheck Impact Mat 300 is a 12mm tri-layer system with an Isopoli core. Impact Mat 200 consists of an 8mm Isofiba / barrier mat composite.

All Impact Mat systems will provide impact and airborne improvement and they are ideal for floor upgrades when looking to improve impact and airborne (Mat 300) sound reduction on stairs and under laminate floors for example.

When installed as part of a complete party floor construction all systems enable a timber floor to meet the sound transmission standards of Approved Document E 2003 and subsequent amendments in 2004, 2010 and 2013.


To used over timber floors and staircases for conversions, refurbishments or new build. Impact Mat 200 can be used as a single or double layer over floorboards.

Performance (on the constructions illustrated)

Isocheck Impact Mats 100 & 300 will typically achieve up to 25dB & 40dB ∆Lw respectively in laboratory conditions.

Laboratory performance of Impact Mat 200 achieved 26dB ∆Lw for a single layer. Site test results have also proven favourable performance in relation to Approved Document E requirements, where airborne noise reduction was significantly enhanced, in addition to impact noise reduction.

Product data

Impact Mat 100
Impact Mat 200
Impact Mat 300
1.37m x 7.3m long
1.20m x 1.0m long
1.20m x 1.0m long
Resilient layer thickness:

Impact Mat 100
Impact Mat 200

Impact Mat 300
5.5mm Isolate M
8.0mm Isofiba / Barrier composite
12.0mm tri-layer with Isopoli core
Weight: Impact Mat 100          2.2kg/m2
Impact Mat 200          8.0kg/m2
Impact Mat 300         12.5kg/m2



The acoustic floor shall be:

Isocheck Impact Mat, supplied by Isomass Ltd. Units 10 & 11, Avenue Business Park, Elsworth, Cambridgeshire CB23 4EY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.


Lay Isocheck Impact Mat 100, Isocheck Impact Mat 200 or Isocheck Impact Mat 300 over the entire level floor with all joints butted.

Most t&g or interlocking laminate panel floor finishes can be laid directly onto Isocheck Impact Mat 100, 200 or 300.

A 3mm layer of plywood over Impact Mat 200 would improve performance and stability. If in doubt please contact us with the floor specification.

Finished timber floors should be isolated from the skirting usingIsocheck Acoustic Angled Flanking Band.

Full installation instructions for Isocheck Impact Mat 100, Isocheck Impact Mat 200 and Isocheck Impact Mat 300 are available upon request. Installation instructions must be used in conjunction with this information and/our information contained in the data sheet when laying the Isocheck Impact Mat floor system.

Please ask Isomass for guidance when considering the weight of any new blocks which will be incorporated in a wall directly surrounding a timber separating floor.


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Soft Floor

  • Isocheck Impact Mat 100 (left) or 300 (right).
  • floorboards.
  • 200mm x 70mm timber joists @ 450mm centres.
  • 100mm 45kg/m3 insulation between joists.
  • 25mm double boarded ceiling or lath & plaster
    (min ceiling mass 20kg/m2).

  • finished floor - for example, engineered timber (above).
  • one (left) or two layers (right) of Isocheck Impact Mat 200.
  • floorboards.
  • 175mm x 70mm timber joists @ 450mm centres.
  • 100mm 45kg/m3 insulation between joists.
  • lath and plaster ceiling or a double layer of plasterboard (min. 20kg/m2) fixed to timber joists.
  • Note: Currently only tested worst case scenario with direct fixed ceilings.

  • Isocheck Impact Mat 100, 200 or 300 over timber staircase.
  • 20kg/m² double boarded 25mm o/a plasterboard on resilient bars @ 400mm centres laid across staircase.




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